For a limited period of time we are offering an affordable basic brochure style website based on a personalised template that will be customised to suite your colour scheme  all for a fixed cost of £560.00. There will be an additional cost of training on how to manage the site.

It will be built with a very powerful Content Management system. The supply of the website will be subject to a 12 month contract for hosting and maintenance. The basic contract is £12.95 per month.

We will have a discussion with you to determine your requirements that will cover:

  1. Template Design.
  2. Colour Scheme.
  3. Navigation Style and type.
  4. Logo.
  5. Look - Pictures etc.

During this process we will make suggestions of what is and is not possible within the bounds of a brochure type website.

The template will be built with your business in mind, to reflect your image and requirements.

So why have site with content management?

Most small brochure type websites are built using straight HTML. Most of these type of sites are not easy for the owner to maintain and they need an expert every time the site needs to be changed. Content Management allows the owner to look at a page, click on an 'edit' button, bring the page into an editor, change the page and update it.

Adding graphics, be they images, photographs, flash, video etc is relatively easy using a contact management system, and it can all be done by the site owner.

If you already have a website then we are willing to look at it and convert it to run with content management.

If you feel that you would like to have your site maintained then we can do all the updates for you. Just let us know.

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Berkshire, RG42 4EE

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